Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app, a revolutionary new way to experience the Download hundreds of comic books featuring your favorite characters. Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app on Android, featuring the world's most popular super heroes! Download hundreds of comic books featuring your favorite . WIth Marvel Unlimited, Marvel's premiere digital comics subscription service, subscribers gain instant access to over 25, digital comics. Marvel Unlimited.

Marvel Comic Book App

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Are you ready to explore over , digital comics, graphic novels and manga from Marvel, DC, Image, and more? By downloading the comiXology app, you. From all-in-one marketplace and reader apps to lightweight readers, here are our favorite comic book readers for Android and iOS. The app itself isn't amazing for comic book reading. It boasts a collection of over 75, comics from DC, Marvel, and other publishers. It also.

Mileage may vary, but fingers crossed this trend continues. Marvel Unlimited is most useful for anyone who wants to catch up on a vast, overwhelming library of 15, plus comics.

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For the most part, Marvel Unlimited adds new comics 6 months after their publication date. For example, Marvel Fresh Start began publication in May , and by the end of the year the first issues from the initiative are appearing in the Marvel Unlimited library. New comics are added weekly, so the library is constantly expanding. The Best Marvel Stories From to If you have any questions of your own, you can send them to comicbookherald on Twitter, or dave comicbookherald. When working, Marvel Unlimited is a 5 star value, and the best paid digital comic library in the game.

Unfortunately, technical issues and account freezing can seriously limit certain users. For the patient willing to put up with this, though, Marvel Unlimited remains a highly recommended way to read Marvel Comics. He's a long-time comic book fan, and can be seen most evenings in Batman pajama pants. Contact Dave comicbookherald on Twitter or via email at dave comicbookherald.

He has a huge library of digital comics with better deals, his sets are complete and up to date for a fraction of the cost on comixology or marvel unlimited. Thanks dude or dudette, I just read this i heard of MU but considered it a paid service or useless value.

My ignorance is clearly visible. This thing sounds great. Since I joined at the start of , my experience is nothing but positive with MU so I can only assume that, since this piece was written, that things have improved.

So, I now while away my bus commute with my new iPad pro; the comics look amazing and the responsiveness is extremely impressive as is the size and scope of the catalogue.

I have been away from comics for a long, long time; it is only recently that my interest has been re-sited and so I use my MU subscription for two reasons:. To read the latest comics. And everything after Silly me, 93 is the last one from that series. Still, years and years of gaps before that.

I hope they digitize those eventually. There are huge gaps in a lot of the popular titles. Notably in the early 90s when the new school artists Liefield, Lee, Macfarlane, Silvestri were in their prime.

Before the s, there are plenty of gaps, which makes sense given a lot of these comics would need to be scanned page by page as there would have been no original digital file for it. What about all of the Marvel Masterworks reprint hardcovers?

I would think digital copies of all of those would be available to Marvel? Most all? I use the iOS app primarily. My largest issue has always been older comics where Smart panel was broken zooming way too far into a panel and if you click very quickly on the RHS or LHS to advance pages, Smart panel will turn off.

MU is an insanely good value and is the app I use to show off why my I find I get very few issues with the app. Away from that, Marvel Unlimited has been great value for me. I guess you could say, when Marvel claims their app has over 17, comics, I see that as a challenge to read them all. Planning to get MU in this week. I love the value we get for the price but right now, with the reading club starting again I have so many problems with the app on my IPad Air 2.

The 5 Best Free Comic Book Reader Apps

The loading takes sooooooo much timeā€¦. X-Man 60 and at the same time there are really bad looking ones uncanny x-men from the some time period. I like to read in smart panel mode but for some it works perfect and for some It just fails.

Yeah, this is exactly it. Nothing really beats even the possibility of all those comics at your fingertips, though.

My general sense of smart panel reading is it works quite well for any comic added to the Marvel Unlimited library after Tried it on my Android Phone abd there the loading works far better. Seems like the apple app is not as good as the google store app?!

The main problem I have had is when I get the sample instead of the full comic. To solve that, I generally have to log out, then log back in. This is irritating, but it only happens for the first comic of the day at most. It's a good, basic source for comic books.

10 best comic book readers for Android

It's also good for casual fans who also want a platform that sells other types of books as well. It helps you keep track of your physical comic book collection.

You simply scan the barcode or enter manually. The app keeps track from there. There is an option to create an account that allows for online backups, data syncing, and cross-platform support.

It doesn't let you read comics on your device. However, this is an excellent way to catalog large collections to keep track of what you have. You can add comics for free. It's also probably the one you should start with. It boasts a collection of over 75, comics from DC, Marvel, and other publishers.

It also has a decent selection of manga. The app itself is excellent for reading comics. It also features the ability to sync your downloads across multiple devices. It doesn't feature every comic that you can download, but the collection is fairly substantial. This is the one we'd recommend first.

It's not a standalone app. The app is for those who already subscribe to Crunchyroll's streaming service. The service includes unlimited manga with this app.

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It has a bunch of popular titles, like Attack on Titan and others. The manga it supports updates as the manga comes out in Japan. It even uses a specific view for a more enjoyable experience. It's not worth paying a subscription just for this. However, those who use Crunchyroll already should definitely get this too. Updated 15 best Android apps of !

It's a good spot for fans of the publisher. You can find all of the classics like Batman, Superman, Injustice, Convergence, and more. It features a lot of the same features as Comixology.

That's because it pretty much is. It's a DC-only version of the app. In reality, we'd likely still recommend Comixology instead. However, this is still one of the good comic book apps for those who want to skip everything but the DC universe.

The app is free to download. Comics obviously cost extra. It's an all-in-one kind of online book store.

10 best comic book readers for Android

Google has also integrated features to make reading comics a little more fun as well. Their selections are top notch. You can find most of the classics, new comics, and a variety of manga. Plus, your downloads save to your Google account. That makes it easy to sync it on to multiple devices. It has the same perks as the site app. It's a great place to download comics while also wanting to dabble with other types of literature.The main problem I have had is when I get the sample instead of the full comic.

Flag as inappropriate. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. MangaZone is one of a few decent comic book apps just for manga.

An evaluation of pros and cons is well worth it before you commit your money.

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