Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Peter David and Rick . kaywretinjourbo.gq is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and all Spider-Man # Spider-Man () 46 issues Spider-Man Vol 2 () 12 issues Spider-Man Vol 3 () 25 issues Add a photo to this.

Spiderman 2099 Comic Book

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Spider-Man Volume 1: kaywretinjourbo.gq: Peter David, William Sliney, Rick Leonardi: Books. This was an awesome comic book and I recommend it to those who like Miguel O 'Hara/Spider-Man or Spider-Man of the Future. And after reading this. Spider-Man #1 on kaywretinjourbo.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spider-Man #1 Comic Book. Rare & Mint condition. Cardboard Backed.

Venom cover, one of two covers. Issue No.

See a Problem?

These two covers fit together to form a single picture of Spider-man battling Venom. Cover pencils by Jae Lee, inks by Peter Palmiotti. Venom, script by Peter David, pencils by Keith Pollard, inks by Brad Vancata; Miguel takes the Alchemax job, intending to offer it to Xina; His mom apparently commits suicide, and Gabe is going nuts over being dumped by Kasey; Venom shows up to the party, of course, and makes Miguel choose between Dana and Xina.

Cover art by Howard Chaykin is an homage to the cover of Amazing Fantasy One of two Howard Chaykin covers. One of two covers that form a large picture, Cover "A" features Spider-Man.

Silent Scream starring Spider-Man , script by Peter David, pencils by Andrew Wildman, inks by Stephen Baskerville; Miguel figures out that high frequency sound will cause venom to lose cohesion; He has the public eye broadcast it, and Spider-Man takes out Venom; And finds a human host inside; The Vulture is back, but somebody is protecting Kasey from him.

One of two covers that form a large picture, Cover "B" features Venom black and white costume. Cover pencils by Chris Sprouse, inks by Mark Farmer. Miguel beats him up to get him to tell his story; Father Jennifer comes to Miguel for answers about Dana's, her sister's, death; Green Goblin is working with Vulture.

Despair starring Spider-Man , script by Peter David, pencils by Andrew Wildman, inks by Stephen Baskerville; After Dana's funeral, Miguel takes over Alchemax in the hopes that he can help make a better world with that sort of power. Earth, script by Peter David, pencils by Andrew Wildman, inks by Bill Sienkiewicz; Miguel is having trouble running Alchemax, he needs a good secretary; And one arrives, just in time to help him with a mob of downtowners who want to see him; The secretary?

Water, script by Peter David, pencils by Andrew Wildman and Ron Lim, inks by Stephen Baskerville and Harry Candelario; Miguel goes, as Spider-Man, to rescue a mission sent to New Atlantis; He discovers that the new race of undersea dwellers want independence, and are willing to teach the surface world a lesson to get it. Atlantis has flooded Downtown, and Spider-Man and Strange have to imitate their favorite 'Baywatch' lifeguards!

Final issue! As the Big Apple gets dunked by the melting ice caps, Spider-Man battles the Vulture for the last time! Will the Wall-Crawler survive to sling webs in next month's all-new futureverse? Frosty Christmas: Santa Christmas: Rudolph Christmas: Vault of Horror EC: Dollar Bin Codeword.

Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Issue 1. Spider-Man 1st Series 1. Published Nov by Marvel. Add to cart VF 8. Add to cart VF- 7. Add to cart FN 6.

Add to cart FN- 5. Add to cart CGC 9. Available Stock Add to want list This item is not in stock. Issue 2. Spider-Man 1st Series 2. Published Dec by Marvel. Add to cart Fine.

Issue 3. Spider-Man 1st Series 3. Published Jan by Marvel. Issue 4. Spider-Man 1st Series 4. Published Feb by Marvel. Add to cart Near Mint. Issue 5. Spider-Man 1st Series 5. Published Mar by Marvel. Add to cart Very Fine. Issue 6. Spider-Man 1st Series 6. Published Apr by Marvel. Issue 7. Spider-Man 1st Series 7. Published May by Marvel. Issue 8. Spider-Man 1st Series 8. Published Jun by Marvel. Issue 9. Spider-Man 1st Series 9. Published Jul by Marvel. Issue Spider-Man 1st Series Published Aug by Marvel.

Published Sep by Marvel. Published Oct by Marvel. Add to cart Very Good. Issue 25D. Spider-Man 1st Series 25D. Issue 25N. Spider-Man 1st Series 25N. Add to cart Good. Issue 35A. Though Tyler is hesitant to assist him, Miguel points out that he will have to go home sooner or later. As the Spiders get to work on Daemos' corpse, his reincarnation speaks to them through the cameras, boasting that he can't be contained, Miguel retorts that the energy field will kill him before he breaks free.

As they get to work, Miguel asks Lady Spider to check out the interdimensional jumping device he obtained from another version of Miguel who tried to warn him about the Inheritors. He demonstrates how Alchemax's computers can show how to work the device, to Lady Spider's amazement.

As Lady Spider figures out how to work the device, Daemos attempts to broker a deal; if they let him go, he promises that he and his siblings would leave them alone. After quickly failing to find an alternate food source for the Inheritors to ingest, Miguel rejects Daemos' offer for two reasons: One, he's evil, Two that he and Lady Spider wouldn't sacrifice their counterparts to save their own skins.

Miguel then runs over the bio lab to pick up something, it is unknown what he seeks but it was something Alchemax had cured in the s. Lady Spider then calls him, stating that Daemos had gone into a trance-like state. His actions become apparent as Daemos commits suicide so he can be reborn in a new clone body.

However, the new Daemos is accosted by the Punisher , who strikes him three times with a titanium baseball bat and then lights the Inheritor up with a plasma gas cannon.

Though it doesn't harm him, the flames melt the floor beneath Daemos' feet, sending him falling into the downtown areas of Nueva York. Punisher then calls Miguel, advising him to get somewhere safe before Daemos comes back.

Miguel and Lady Spider take the interdimensional jumping device to the safe zone on Earth, only to find a great number of Spiders massacred. Unable to return to with Daemos still there, they transport the remains of the robot to Lady Spider's universe of Earth Miguel tells Lady Spider that Leoparddon needs radiation in its arsenal for their next confrontation with the Inheritors due to their weakness.

But as they get to work on the robot, Norman Osborn calls his fellow Six Men of Sinistry to take out Lady Spider in revenge for her thwarting their attempted kidnapping of the mayor. Unwilling to waste any time, Miguel leaps into action, clawing at Green Goblin , bluffing him into thinking that he cut his throat, when he deliberately missed, forcing the Goblin to retreat. Miguel gets hit in the back by Electro and is thrown out the window, while Lady Spider takes cover inside Leopardon's head as Electro unleashes a lightning storm at her.

The robot then reactivates, causing its right hand and foot to disable Electro and Vulture respectively, before Miguel fires upon Octopus with Kraven 's ship, knocking him out cold.

Miguel assures her that she'll have plenty of time to figure that out after they return from Loomworld and finish the Inheritors once and for all. After the Inheritors are defeated and Master Weaver killed by the Superior Spider-Man, the surviving Spiders need to return to their respective realities one by one.

Suddenly, Superior Spider-Man begins destroying the Web of Life and Destiny with Morlun's dagger, attempting to change his fate but only causing further harm to fabric of realities. Miguel and Gwen Stacy attempt to help the Spiders against Otto, but Peter Parker orders them to return to their respective time lines before the portal maintained by the Great Web closes. Before departing, Miguel reveals to Gwen that in the end Peter takes his body back from Otto and the good guys win.

Miguel meets Ash and Sonner and tries learn what happened in this universe, until he is found by Maestro , who mistakes Miguel for his world's Peter Parker and imprisons him in the same cell as a woman named Strange, and also kills Ash and Sonner, putting their dead bodies on the Hollywood sign.

However, he is still unable to return to and is stuck in of Earth again. Cover artwork of Spider-Man vol. Following the "Secret Wars" storyline, Miguel is stranded in the present. Miguel resolves to improve the world without being Spider-Man again. However, his use of a time portal he built to investigate the future continues to reveal a devastated When his lover, Tempest, is killed in a terrorist attack, [50] Miguel is compelled back into action to track down the man responsible: Doctor Chronos, the man who apparently taught robotics to Victor von Doom before his expulsion.

Upon hatching, Rhonda's judgement is clouded by her newfound power.

After sending Lash back to where he came, she rechristens herself Glorianna and begins attacking civilians. Miguel later discovers from Jasmine that Tempest is actually alive, in a coma, having been secreted away by her mother, Loraine Monroe.

He distracts Man Mountain Marko , who was hired by Loraine to stand guard at her room, long enough for Parker Industries to covertly relocate Tempest. Spider-Man confronts Loraine and discovers that she has powers. She confesses to have killed her second husband, because he was stalking Tempest, and that she wanted Tempest away from Miguel for protection.

When Venture discovers him, Spider-Man fights him until Glorianna sends him back to He's then captured by that era's Venom and Doctor Octopus. Miguel later wakes up in Alchemax, which is run by that era's Sinister Six. He's freed by Kasey, who takes him to his brother Gabe, where he learns that The Fist is responsible for what happened in the future.

The Public Eye attempt to arrest her, until she's rescued by Ravage In the present, Miguel receives a call from Peter Parker, who tells him of a vision the Inhuman Ulysses had of the future: the death of Roberta Mendez.

Spider-Man 2099 Comic Books

He goes back to Roberta and Ravage are taken to the downtown area by Hawkeye , where they meet the remaining heroes. Spider-Man convinces Doctor Strange to help him out in exchange for his help in eliminating the A.

Upon finding Roberta, Strange takes Spider-Man downtown, while Roberta leaves to find her husband upon learning his location. Roberta finds her husband Harry, who claims that she died and that they don't have kids, and gets captured by Power Pack.

Jonah Jameson , Spider-Man rallies the heroes to launch an assault on S. HQ and rescue Roberta. In the process, they discover that "Jameson" and "Power Pack" are actually Skrull impostors. Spider-Man and Roberta then go back to Upon landing, Elektra reveals to Miguel and Roberta that the Fist is an offshoot of the Hand who broke off from it to pursue bigger plans: the destruction of the United States. Elektra goes to the Fist's HQ after knocking out Miguel and Roberta, who chase after her once they recover.

They later help Elektra defeat Doctor Frisco when the base explodes. While being interrogated, Doctor Frisco reveals that the Fist brought the Sinister Six of to the present and are heading to Chicago to search a Greek witch named Medea.

Spider Man 2099 1 (Marvel Comics) ComicBookRealm.com

Arriving in Chicago, Spider-Man and Roberta witness people being turned into zombies by a spell cast by Medea.

Tempest wakes up from her coma and is told that she is permanently paralyzed. Frisco being chased by Electro After defeating Electro, Miguel takes him to his private lab. Tempest tells Miguel that he died while rescuing her from Tyler Stone, but he insists on going through with the rescue attempt for fear that changing the past again will lead to more disasters.

Miguel is indeed killed when a post-hypnotic suggestion planted by Stone prompts Tempest to stab him. Due to the hypnosis, Tempest does not realize that she is the one who killed Miguel, thus preventing her from giving him a more specific warning when they met in However, Miguel is transported to and resurrected by Doctor Strange , with help from Roberta and Gabri.

Though he did not take combat training, he quickly develops an effective fighting style that maximizes the use of his superhuman agility, strength, senses, and intellect. He has the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a spider. If his strength is equal to that of the original Spider-Man, he should be able to lift a maximum of approximately 10—15 tons and leap roughly 30 feet in the air. His speed allows him to dodge gunfire from a short distance away and move several times faster than a normal human being can.

His superhuman agility and dexterity allow him to perform complicated acrobatic and gymnastic maneuvers that would be impossible for even the most highly trained athlete and help him achieve and regain perfect balance even under extraordinary combat situations. Access to these abilities are largely instinctual, due to his re-written genetic code. He once suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs and major abrasions, and was still able to make it to a hospital where doctors said only his amazing constitution kept him alive.

His metabolism allows him to heal a few times faster than a normal human, although he does not have a superhuman healing factor such as Wolverine. Instead, Miguel possess enhanced vision and hearing, which the original Spider-Man does not have. He can see in complete darkness and can accurately perceive and zoom-in on people and objects that are a great distance away.

His enhanced vision causes him to be extremely light sensitive, however, requiring that he wear tinted glasses to avoid being blinded in normal lighting conditions, which he passes off as a side effect of the Rapture. Miguel's hearing is also enhanced, though not to the extent of his vision. Like the original Spider-Man Peter Parker , Spider-Man can travel at high speeds swinging on "web-lines" when necessary, and he can use his webbing to ensnare enemies.

Over time, this webbing loses its tensile strength and can be removed. Pressure applied to his forearms has occasionally caused him to release webbing without meaning to. These talons are not retractable but can fold down when Miguel concentrates and do so automatically when he touches his own skin so that he does not injure himself.

Though only approximately an inch in length, Miguel O'Hara's talons are capable of easily slicing through flesh and plastic. They can even rend metal armor. When he bites a foe, he can release a toxin that temporarily paralyzes his enemy. While the exact makeup of his venom has never been discussed, it seems powerful enough to affect such foes as Thanatos and it differs from real spider venom in that it does not seem to act as a digestive agent.

Miguel also cannot retract his fangs and so has had to learn how to speak in a way that does not reveal his teeth. On occasion, this has caused others to accuse him of mumbling.

Miguel uses his talons through the UMF gloves and boots without tearing the cloth. The UMF does not dull the strength or sharpness of his talons in the process. The UMF costume has also offered Spider-Man limited protection from energy weapons, as the energy blasts could not penetrate it. However, this did not prevent Miguel from suffering the impact of the blasts, and he was still seriously injured. Likewise, if Miguel fell from a great height, the UMF would not protect him from the impact of landing, it simply would not tear in the process.

The material for the air foil was obtained from a Thorite's hang-glider and is made from a material called "Lyte Byte" which is specially made to capture and direct air currents and gives off a low level of anti-gravity particles.

This allows Spider-Man limited gliding abilities, valuable since the New York City of has massive skyscrapers that are often too far away for him to fire a web-line for travel.

The Lyte Byte material also allows him to shift direction while in free fall and is very good at slowing down his descent, allowing him to fall from great distances without reaching terminal velocity. However, this does not grant Spider-Man actual flight. He uses his talons to cut the webbing off when he removes his costume. Two archaeologists stumble across relics belonging to Spider-Man such as his webshooters.

They speculate on his career, and discuss the other heroes who were inspired by him, such as Spider-Girl , Spider-Man , and Spider-Man What The--?! A laboratory janitor named "Piguel O'Hara" accidentally falls into a vat of spider venom and gains spider-powers.

A short and confusing excursion as Spider-Ham follows, including encounters with parody versions of Punisher and Ravage Exiles[ edit ] Spider-Man with the Exiles The appearance of Proteus in the era before Doom comes into power causes a divergence from the original Marvel , creating a new parallel reality.

This new timeline where Miguel is unmasked and leaves his world before Doom takes power is now identified as Earth This is the world of the Marvel future, though Proteus arrives at a time before Doom took over leadership of the United States. Proteus then possesses the Hulk of that era. Proteus, being too strong for his opponent, unmasks Miguel O'Hara before the public. Spider-Man then convinces Proteus that coming to his reality was a mistake and that he should move on.

Feeling guilty that he has inflicted the crazed villain onto a parallel Earth, and now afraid of being hunted down since his identity has been exposed, Spider-Man joins the Exiles in their quest to stop Proteus and leaves his world. After a couple more adventures, the Exiles are scattered across the multiverse and Miguel O'Hara winds up on a parallel world where he is found by a red-haired woman living on the beach, later revealed to be that world's Mary Jane Watson.

Miguel learned about Morlun during Miguel's tenure with the Exiles, and senses Morlun is out there killing spiders. He gathers some of the Exiles' old equipment and prepares to flee to Earth, where Morlun was once killed.

However, just as Miguel and Mary Jane are about to make the jump, Morlun arrives and kills that Miguel in front of the Miguel from the original timeline stranded in the present.When he bites a foe, he can release a toxin that temporarily paralyzes his enemy. Miguel O'Hara was seen again without a costume in in Manifest Destiny, a one-shot issue intended to bring further closure to the line and its unresolved storylines.

Taking over is a company called Empire Unlimited. This comic has a grade of 9. Issue 36A.

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