Editorial Reviews. Review. In this book, [Leo] shares exactly how you can restore eyesight back to normal, even if you are in your forties and in need of reading. The right of Leo Angart to be identified as the author of this work has been A catalogue entry for this book is available How to Benefit From This Book. Leo Angart's “Vision Training” workshops have garnered attention from a worldwide audience seeking to find ways to strengthen their eyesight – even to throw away their glasses. The typical vision problems like myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia etc. are not diseases.

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Leo Angart is a business consultant, author and trainer. Again without Glasses by Leo Angart Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good books to. Leo Angart is a business consultant, author and trainer. Having worn glasses for more than 25 years he writes from personal experience. It has now been more. Click on image to download printable A4 PDF file. Copyright Leo Angart - All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | Cancellation Policy | Disclaimer.

I just beleived it and took it intuitively as truth based on their explanations of what the astigmatism is and please take this just informally as it is just my understanding, I am into this just in last 4 months, and wouldn't consider myself as any expert on the topic - it is just I "feel" it right, it is logical for me, but as I still haven't gone thru all materials I found I consider myself in learining process, so this might chage.

Also, thank you for this question as it is making me to stop and reconsider my newly built beliefs.

So, I understand the astigmatism is deformation of the lense lense becomes elongated vertically or horisontally or diagonally under some angle, and in that angle the deformation is worse, for any distance mostly caused on macro plan, macro muscles are not being used enough to move the eye in that direction.

This may be due to wrong posture, ro too m uch squinting, or someemotional aspects Janest Goodrich is explaining this.

That's why you just easily increase big movements, like we do on tibetan chart, or following star or circles or spirales. That will help to bring the lens into round shape as it is natural.

If any of other things happens even better, I would say saccadic movement of the eye in that angle of astigmatism which are unconsious will increase, I don't know, maybe something else will happen also. For me by doing these exercises for astigmatism as I did more stress on those my neck and shoulder muscles released of tension, that improved my balance feeling, I feel more safe in walking stairs and driving.

In my case for example, I have horisontal astigmatism, that means horisontal lines are blured, I see them doubled-tripled, and more gray, while I see vertical lines very clear and very black.

I usually do exercises once a day in the evening and it takes me about 15 mins. You can actively do something to see better, even improve your dioptres and get rid of your glasses.

Our visiontraining will teach you how to change your visual habits, how to train your eye muscles and how to relax your visual system. Vision training is like physical therapy for your eyes, allowing you to improve your eyesight naturally.

We give you the exercises using numerous descriptive and training videos. The training itself can be done anywhere.

Learn to see clearly again and improve your quality of life! The only thing you need is the will to change something as well as perseverance.

To succeed, you should do the exercises several times a day, a few minutes at a time, so you put new visual habits into practice. Then you will see improvements after only a short period of time. My improvement has lasted!

Cornelia zur Nieden I really like to do vision training. After 4 weeks I have already improved my myopia by a dioptre.

Leo Angart: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally: See Results Quickly

My improvements are extraordinary and I will continue with vision training. Frank Wiegand I had myopia, astigmatism and the start of presbyopia. These exercises are depicted and explained really well in the videos at onlinevisiontraining.The more I work and read without my glasses, the more I notice that my eyes adjust more and more quickly.

Applied Kinesiology.

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