Published by Fairburn Publications, Mitchell Press in [Elk Grove Village, Ill.], Vancouver, B.C. Ethnic & character types. The Fairburn system of visual references -- no. site PDF EBOOK. Get Instant Access to Fairburn Faces & Heads The Fairburn System Of Visual Reference, Set 2, 3. Vols (Book 1: Males;. site PDF EBOOK]. Get Instant Access to Fairburn Faces & Heads The Fairburn System Of Visual Reference, Set 2, 3. Vols (Book 1: Males; Book 2: Females;.

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Fairburn faces & heads.

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How to Draw Female Faces. This tutorial is a walkthrough of my own process for how to draw a face, and is by no means intended as strict instructions. Our contour cut corrugated cardboard big heads excite people at every sporting event, graduation, birthday party, wedding, concert, festival or even a corporate event.

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